So what is consciousness? Our human consciousness could be seen as a conscious state which allows us to realise that we are alive and to think, reason and see what we experience as reality. However, it can also give us a clue to answering the important question of whether there is life after death.

We know that our level of consciousness or ‘awake-ness’ can be measured as electrical brain impulses on an E.E.G., so it is not too far-fetched to see it as  an electrically or energy-based phenomenon, and we can use this as part of an analogy.

Science tells us that the electrical current in a circuit will not flow unless the circuit is complete, and if we accept that our present self-awareness is the result of an (energy) ‘circuit’ of  consciousness, any break in this circuit (such as after death) would rule out the possibility of our ever being self-conscious or self-aware at this time. In other words, our present self-consciousness would simply never have happened unless our “consciousness circuit” was complete before we were born.

Let me put it another way, in order to have become self–conscious at this time, we would have to be permanently connected to a circuit of consciousness beyond this life and the circuit would have to be closed.

This means that our present experience of being alive (consciousness) is part of a continuous cycle of consciousness, and it is only the form which changes when we die. However, exactly what we will experience when we pass on is another discussion altogether.


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