Dream Interpretation


Dreams are symbolic messages from your subconscious which point to deeper truths or unresolved aspects within yourself. In other words, they reveal your inner conflicts, unfulfilled desires and aspirations, areas of your personality that need improvement and most importantly, your latent potentialities. In this way, knowing their meaning will give you insight into yourself and what needs to be done to reach wholeness and balance. If you are able to act on these messages, you create the opportunity for radical self-development.

During my interpretation of your dream I apply a scientific and practical approach using information from your own background, real-life home and work situation, your beliefs and normal way of thinking to understand the images, symbols and messages contained in your dream.

All dream interpretations are done using the online e-mail system.


When you send me your dream for interpretation in an e-mail I need the following information:

About you

  1. Gender
  2. Religious beliefs
  3. Thinking paradigm – Do you look at the world from a religious, scientific or humanistic perspective?
  4. Your current work and home situation (include information on your relationships)
  5. Any past experiences that you may regard as important
  6. Personality attributes
  7. Hidden desires you may have


About your dream

  1. Was it light or dark, day or night?
  2.  Inside a house or building?
    1. Describe the structure large/small/light/dark
    2. Describe the windows and doorways
  3.  Outside in a natural scene
    1. Describe the natural scene
  4. Human or animal figures in your dream – Describe the figures
  5. Activities in the dream  –  What were they doing?
  6. Objects in your dream – Mountains/ boulders/ roads/crossroads?


  • USA $20
  • UK   £20
  • Europe €20
  • South Africa R300

(Contact me directly for banking details.)